About Me

Hello Friends ,

Thanks for stopping by at this page .

I am Priya Soni, an Indian by origin and currently residing in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

I am Business Analyst by profession and a Passionate cook by interest …. I have always been fascinated by food and thanks to my job I could travel to places and meet new people and stay with room mates (now extended family) from different regions and learn about their culture and cuisine and shared memorable time .

I always enjoy throwing get togethers , as, behind the scenes, I get super excited to cook something new and get everyone’s review on that (ohh there have been many failures too , but that’s OK , that’s how you learn).

I think my interest in cooking started in a very similar fashion as for many others …….watching my Mom cook. She is a gifted person when it comes to Kitchen and cooking, and trust me I ain’t saying this because she is “My Mom” but indeed after hearing so many fabulous reviews from family and friends.

With this blog I want to recreate and preserve the magic of many of such delicacies that she makes, along with the new stuff that I cook in my kitchen and ensure its shared and passed on to the next generation 🙂 ……